week9:the australian timebomb

Tom Barker is extremely intelligent and has gone into such depths to explain how we are using and abusing, exploiting and plundering our natural resources, however i found it difficult to follow and understand his points. Overall they were very valid from what i understood.

I will continue on a tangent about overusing and exploiting what we have for the present day and near future. I believe it is extremely difficult situation, and from my inexperienced naive design student mind, i also believe it is the result of enterprise, money, business and power, governing powers of the world, politicians and national and multi-national corporations which control what is ultimately going on. Yes, we are consumers, each and everyone of us, so it can also be said that we are at fault, every day people. but what we do and do not have access to isn’t of our control. Take internet for example. Some countries have it heavily censored, Australian government considers putting some limitations on information on our Aussie broadband network. A huge lack of political interest and knowledge will stop me there on that one, but it is an example of how such a major part of our lives (the internet) is controlled by people, those whom are not always elected in, to lead and represent our countries.


I admit i am a little bit of a greenie, and try to do my part; when i see waste, i cringe more than the person next to me, so it’s frustrating to know about all the attempts engineers and designers have had at producing new systems and products to reuse and reduce waste, use of natural resources etc..only to have these brilliant ideas thwarted due to costs the government do not want to spend or because large corporations buy them out, such as some ‘green vehicles’ i have heard of in the past being bought out by oil companies, they don’t want people using other fuels..what would happen to their profits?! shock horror! it’s all about profits, money and increasing profits..why don’t they look into investing themselves into alternative energies? I thought it was obvious that it is the way of the future..green power! Or is there no future to bother trying to cater for? Oh what a greedy pessimistic bunch we are on this planet, we shall go plunder another one, just like on the film Avatar.
Is it not obvious enough what we humans do? This film perfectly depicts us at our most egotistic, materialistic greedy money focused best. So where to from here?

Diamond mine in Russia

Photo: http://www.randomn3ss.com/dig-a-big-hole-to-get-a-little-rock

Is it a bit too negative to say designing for this problem is like digging out of a hole?
The biggest challenge today is building for tomorrow.

Guatemalan sink hole, May 2010.

Photo: http://www.inquisitr.com

Interesting article: decisions decisions… pursue r & d on engine efficiency or show the world you’ve got power because you have 97% of earth’s rare minerals, as stated in a recent article in the Financial Review


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